Feline Friends, a non-profit Cat Rescue Organization primarily serving Thurston and Mason Counties, provides care for stray cats and secures permanent quality adoptions.

Their Cat House and Adoption Center is located at 6515 Sexton Drive NW, Olympia (Hwy 101 and Steamboat Island Road), 360-866-0599.


AdoptEdgar Poe 2Edgar & Poe are the Featured Felines for February 24, 2017



Edgar and Poe are ready for a new beginning! Smart, sweet and soulful, Edgar and Poe will fill your world with wonder and amaze you with their perfect prowess.

These special brothers will bring sunshine and rainbows to your home, warm your hearts, and provide endless love and affection for many years.



AdoptBorisBoris is the Featured Feline for February 17, 2017


Charm is flowing and ...


If you are in his path, he will no doubt win your heart. Boris is a very outgoing, loving young fellow who wants a home where he can play endlessly, curl up in a lap and watch outside from your windows.









AdoptTheRockAdopted! The Rock is the Featured Feline for February 10, 2017

Look out ladies!

This handsome guy will melt your heart. The Rock is large, laid-back and so lovable. He is one very large boy with a tender side and he is ready to rock your world.

Hiding under a bush on a gentleman's property, he ultimately was trapped in a humane trap and had to be pulled out.  He wasn't sure what had happened; however, he was and is very grateful to be safe, warm and loved.





AdoptRogueRogue is the Featured Feline for February 3, 2017

Rogue One.

Rogue is looking for a new hope to fill his life. He has won the battle and is ready to win your heart. Rogue would like nothing more than to lay on your lap and soak up your love.

Rogue was found in a trailer park in Rochester and found a kind lady to take pity on him.  She took him in when it was cold, fed him because he was hungry, and parted with him as a promise to her husband.








AdoptCaptainCaptain is the Featured Feline for January 27, 2017


Toot toot!


He's weathered the storm like a captain and he is done dealing with the winds, rain, and cold weather. Captain is hanging up his cap and ready to be ashore.  Land ho and waiting for a home.

Captain was found wandering a veterinary hospital parking lot during the freezing weather asking the clients for help. He ultimately got helped and is warm, dry, and served regular meals.







AdoptAwreathaAwreatha is the Featured Feline for January 20, 2017

Rockin' in the New Year!

Ready and waiting, this little lady is ready to rock and roll just as soon as you are. Having an independent attitude and an opinion doesn't make her any different than any other tricolored cat. She is adorable and sweet too.











AdoptLillaLilla is the Featured Feline for December 23, 2016

Dandy Darling.

Obviously loved and left, this little lady is cute as they come. She wears a spotted coat and has a little voice, although she's able to handle herself well in a crowd. Lilla wants to give and receive love. Don't you need love?

Lilla is doing well and anxiously awaits your visit. 








AdoptRoofieandMaryGooseRoofie and Mary Goose are the Featured Felines for August 5, 2016

Up on the rooftop without reindeer.

These fine felines spent many hours safe and sound with a view. Roofie and her friends lived where the view was great, but their lives changed when their owner's health suddenly deteriorated. These two ladies love each other and any other feline that wants to join them.









The Feline Friends Cat House and Adoption Center is located at 6515 Sexton Drive NW, Olympia (Hwy 101 and Steamboat Island Road), 360-866-0599.


Visit their website - www.feline-friends.net


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