Feline Friends, a non-profit Cat Rescue Organization primarily serving Thurston and Mason Counties, provides care for stray cats and secures permanent quality adoptions.

Their Cat House and Adoption Center is located at 6515 Sexton Drive NW, Olympia (Hwy 101 and Steamboat Island Road), 360-866-0599.



Miffy is the Featured Feline for Friday, October 24, 2014

AdoptMiffyCowgirl leaves boots in the barn!

Miffy was forced to be an inside cat after losing one of her hind legs. Miffy has healed well and is awaiting an INDOOR ONLY forever home. 

Miffy was formerly a "barn" kitten, but she got an injury that just would not heal and the veterinarian could not save the leg. However, she has adjusted well and is very easy to accommodate.








Mizithra - aka "Momma Mitzy" - is the Featured Feline for Friday, October 17, 2014

AdoptMizithraA regal queen.

This doting mother has had it rough so far but never lets it show. Always there to greet you with loving rubs and meows, this is a devoted lady who will be by your side for life. She is happy and peaceful to the core, and her joy for life is contagious. She makes each day a little more special.

Mizithra was left in a cat carrier with her six young kittens in front of a dog rescue organization.  Obviously, this darling girl is not saying bow-wow.  She is so sweet and social you cannot overlook her.  Come and meet Mizithra.






Lauren is the Featured Feline for Friday, October 10, 2014

AdoptLaurenDistinctive with a husky voice.

Lauren knows what she wants and how to go about getting it. Driven with her determination, this gorgeous girl is looking for a home to be pampered in and where she can reign.

Lost or just roaming the road in the late night hours did not suit this lady and, thankfully, she did not run when the car pulled up and her rescuer jumped out to save her.





ADOPTED! Montgomery is the Featured Feline for Friday, October 3, 2014

AdoptMontgomeryMake me an angel.

Just give him one thing that he can hold on to. He believes there is something out there better for him than where he recently came from. Montgomery longs for a home where he is wanted and a place to call his own. He is expressive and charming and hoping you will invite him in to stay.

Montgomery has been in rescue before and he is no stranger to being rehomed.  Let's help him find the perfect home because the third time is a charm!






Glory and Betsy are the
Featured Felines for Friday, September 26, 2014

AdoptGloryBetsy1Mom and daughter darling duo.

Bold and beautiful these two gorgeous girls are very sweet, social, and bonded.

Glory with her four little kittens came into Feline Friends foster program from another rescue group. Absolutely precious to have a mother be so protective over her young that she would sniff you up and down before she let you close enough.  With the little ones growing up and finding their home, Glory and Betsy are sure that they will find theirs soon.

Black is back and double trouble!



 is the Featured Feline for Friday, September 19, 2014

AdoptLilDebReady to roll.

She is now ready to join the ranks and find a home of her very own. Lil' Deb is a serious thinker, and spends much time pondering her future with you.

Deb has a face of "Grumpy Kitty" and, of course, the opposite true.  She is truly adorable.


Cody is the Featured Feline for Friday, August 22, 2014

AdoptCody2Calling Dr. Bombay.

This bewitching girl with her big bold eyes will put her spell on you and win your heart with her tenacious personality. Cody is awaiting your visit.

Cody was with another rescue group; however, the number of cats awaiting their forever homes caused an overflow and we stepped in. We are delighted to help other rescue groups find homes for any and all cats. 

Cody is delightful and will choose her new home.




Lincoln is the Featured Feline for Friday, August 15, 2014

AdoptLincolnTabby 1Distinguished and refined.

With a zest for life and an outgoing personality, this very handsome young fellow will make his mark on life. Prospective adopters are awaited by this fine upcoming nobleman.

Lincoln is just about 6 months old and would do well with another cat to play with.  He is all about enjoying life to the fullest and his motto seems to be "Don't Worry, Be Happy!".





Raymond is the Featured Feline for Friday, April 18, 2014

ff-AdoptRaymond 2
Everybody Loves Raymond!

This easy-going guy is ready to bring his comforting presence into your home and surround you with his calming purrsonality. He has a dignified face with a soft heart.

This is Raymond's second time with Feline Friends. After getting his last owners all trained to his ways and settled into his routine, they went onto the Rainbow Bridge ahead of him. 

This very distinguished guy is older and ready to train you!  Are you ready to be owned by a cat?!







Wonder is the Featured Feline for Friday, March 1, 2013


FF-AdoptWonderinsinkWonder full!

She wants to be loved by you and only you! Being the one and only in your life and you in hers is very important to Wonder. She craves the attention and love. We know she is wonderful, though we must wonder why she was left in an open-top carrier between two parked cars.

Wonder is a true joy and, when she decides to love you, she gives herself quietly and loves to give you nose rubs and wants your gentle hand.  She prefers to be the one and only in your life and soak up all the special attention that you can give.








The Feline Friends Cat House and Adoption Center is located at 6515 Sexton Drive NW, Olympia (Hwy 101 and Steamboat Island Road), 360-866-0599.


Visit their website - www.feline-friends.net


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