Feline Friends, a non-profit Cat Rescue Organization primarily serving Thurston and Mason Counties, provides care for stray cats and secures permanent quality adoptions.

Their Cat House and Adoption Center is located at 6515 Sexton Drive NW, Olympia (Hwy 101 and Steamboat Island Road), 360-866-0599.

AdoptBlackbirdBlackbird is the Featured Feline for May 20, 2016


Cute and curious.


This adorable little guy is always coming up with something to keep himself entertained and has quite the time playing endlessly.  Always ready to be loved, a quick nap and he's ready for the next adventure.

Blackbird is just an overgrown kitten (young adult) who has a comedy routine worked out when you have a minute to watch and if you would like to participate that is even better.  Bring some loving fun into your home.





AdoptTaxmanAdopted! Taxman is the Featured Feline for May 13, 2016

Cos I'm the Taxman.

The percentage of time Taxman wants to spend with you, he will give you all 100%. Super sweet, this handsome fellow is young, active, and ready to spread the happiness that surrounds him.

Distinguished and lovable, rescued from a hoarding house with several others, Taxman will do well in a home with little effort ... just love.







AdoptMissMews1Miss Mews is the Featured Feline for May 6, 2016

One path ...

Abandoned after years in one life and a trip across country leaves Miss Mews anxious to get onto a new life.

This delightful lady is gorgeous, loving and ready for the next chapter and sunshine (even on a rainy day). What does your crystal ball show you? ... Miss Mews?








AdoptAudrinaAudrina is the Featured Feline for April 29, 2016

Lost or just unwanted?

Audrina is a jewel and just beautiful. Smelling of perfume and clean, this girl was obviously just not wanted any longer. She is very sweet and loves attention. Her Siamese heritage is almost overshadowed by the darkness of her coat.









AdoptGracieGracie is the Featured Feline for April 8, 2016

Divine Grace.

Life is better. After living in a trailer with many other cats, Grace is happy to have her own space and clean living. The struggles of being from a multi-cat community are challenging and Grace seems to have found comfort away from it.








AdoptFigaroAdopted! Figaro is the Featured Feline for April 1, 2016

Lost without Mister Geppetto and Pinocchio.

Found wandering and begging to come into a home in Lacey, Figaro definitely wants to be inside and catered to. A dashing fellow with a lot of personality, he will bring new life to your home.












AdoptKaylaKayla is the Featured Feline for February 19, 2016



Fa la la - Kayla is playing with toys and not skipping any meals as she prepares for a new home. She was trapped in a tragic situation and now is grateful for the love, attention, food and the other luxuries that life has brought to her in our adoption center.  Toys are the greatest pasttime now that she understands what they are for and how to make them dance with her paws.








AdoptMaraPandoraPandora and Mara are the Featured Felines for February 12, 2016

On the radio ....

Your favorites are here ... tune in and listen to the soft beats and warm rhythm that the love of these two will provide.  This dynamic duo is in sync and will be performing for you personally and forever as they warm your heart and entertain you for hours with their daily performances.

Pandora and Mara are a very bonded mother and daughter who are so intertwined that they are there for each other and would like to welcome you into their family fortune.









AdoptColumbusColumbus is the Featured Feline for Friday, December 11, 2015

Land Ho!

Lost at sea without food and water, Columbus was very sick with jaundice.  With a lot of encouragement, he began to eat again.  Life is good and catnip keeps him happy.  

This Captain needs a permanent place at the wheel and co-captain to help navigate his way safe on the inside passage.







The Feline Friends Cat House and Adoption Center is located at 6515 Sexton Drive NW, Olympia (Hwy 101 and Steamboat Island Road), 360-866-0599.


Visit their website - www.feline-friends.net


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