Feline Friends, a non-profit Cat Rescue Organization primarily serving Thurston and Mason Counties, provides care for stray cats and secures permanent quality adoptions.

Their Cat House and Adoption Center is located at 6515 Sexton Drive NW, Olympia (Hwy 101 and Steamboat Island Road), 360-866-0599.



Bucky Cedric is the Featured Feline for Friday, July 23, 2015


AdoptBuckyCedricSingle and lonely.

Displaced after years of family life, this handsome hunk of love would like nothing more than a house to reside in and a human servant.  He's just seeking loyalty and love.

Bucky would do well in a home where his personality is allowed to shine.  He is used to other cats and knows that he wants to be a leader, not a follower.








AdoptChristmasChristmas is the Featured Feline for Friday, July 16, 2015

Every day is Christmas for Miss Miss!

Santa does answer prayers and this adorable girl got a little magic this year, going from a home with mental illness and violence to a new world of peace and playing.


Christmas is adorable, huggable, and sweetness through and through. Her permanent limps in her front legs don't slow this diva down. Miss Miss would love to have a companion (and she formerly lived with a dog).







adoptAndrewAndrew is the Featured Feline for Friday, July 9, 2015

Large and lovable.

Andrew is a dapper dude and wants to be in a home where he can lounge and stretch his body out. Andrew is a large cat wanting a quiet home with lots of love. Restore his faith in mankind; adopt him.

Andrew came out of the same home as Jayme (see July 2) and certainly deserves a chance at love and a stable home environment.







AdoptJaymeJayme is the Featured Feline for Friday, July 2, 2015

Just happy to be safe.

Jayme was one of the last that got transferred to Feline Friends from Animal Services. While we weren't sure she'd be any happier with us ..., she proved us wrong, immediately seeking all the hands-on attention she could get.

Jayme would like a home that is quiet and welcoming. She is always ready for love and enjoys the view from a great window spot.






AdoptCristalCristal is the Featured Feline for Friday, June 26, 2015

Don't overlook the little things in life.

Cristal is young and vibrant, sweet and loving, and excited to see what lies ahead for her next in life. She is appreciative for any love and affection that she is given and has a happy attitude.

Formerly living on the streets in Mason County having multiple kittens, this special young lady deserves to now have a lifetime home and all the comforts our companions deserve.







AdoptBoDeanBoDean is the Featured Feline for Friday, June 19, 2015

Lookin' for love...

In all the wrong places - until now. BoDean can't tell us his whole story, but we do know he is rescued and safely awaiting his forever home. He'll bless the day he discovers another heart lookin' for love.

Sportin' his cute blue tuxedo coat with a short tail, he is hard to deny fussing over and would welcome a quiet home with stability.







AdoptLettermanADOPTED! Letterman is the Featured Feline for Friday, June 12, 2015

Say goodnight Dave!

This fellow in his suit wants to give you the top ten reasons you should adopt a Tuxedo cat.  Come and meet Letterman and he will give you many reasons why you should adopt him!

Young, affectionate, with a lot to talk about, Letterman will provide you with endless humor and joy.  He is first to greet a volunteer upon entering the adoption facility and readily accepts all the love you can give him.






AdoptOctaviousOctavious is the Featured Feline for Friday, June 5, 2015

Roman ancestry left behind.

An easier life is what Octavious desires and one where he still may have servants and be allowed to reign over his new castle. Retired and relaxing in his new life has brought the contentment of purrs and kneading.

Octavious came in with four other cats and does well in their company and has lived with dogs too.  Losing an owner and one's home is always a tough transition.






AdoptLewisLewis is the Featured Feline for Friday, May 29, 2015


Inspector Lewis.

His crime-solving days are over and ahead of him is searching out a sunny spot to relax. Lewis still has the desire to track movements that interrupt his daily spas; yet he is uninterested unless there is a tasty reward as payoff.

With the death of his human companion, he yearns for time with someone.  Don't you need a special someone to come home to?







AdoptJArthurJ. Arthur is the Featured Feline for Friday, May 22, 2015


Life's challenges can really bring a guy down, although he has a big heart and loves to give. Now little Jay Arthur is ready to put all those challenges behind him and gain a new lease on life. He eagerly enjoys a gentle hand and all the love you have to give.

Being left in a box outside a veterinary clinic in need of care is not okay, though he was lucky someone cared enough to choose a veterinary clinic. 

J. Arthur is a very small and sweet-tempered cat who is seeking a forever home.





April is the Featured Feline for Friday, May 1, 2015

Street life is not easy.

Taking up a safe spot between two houses did not pan out for this special lady. The cardboard sign brought no takers looking for a new roommate. April is ready to do her part to join your home and will talk to you when no one else will.

April is a very sweet older lady.  She is social and wants to be part of a family.








The Feline Friends Cat House and Adoption Center is located at 6515 Sexton Drive NW, Olympia (Hwy 101 and Steamboat Island Road), 360-866-0599.


Visit their website - www.feline-friends.net


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