Feline Friends, a non-profit Cat Rescue Organization primarily serving Thurston and Mason Counties, provides care for stray cats and secures permanent quality adoptions.

Their Cat House and Adoption Center is located at 6515 Sexton Drive NW, Olympia (Hwy 101 and Steamboat Island Road), 360-866-0599.


AdoptHoboFranHobo Fran is the Featured Feline for September 23, 2016

A honey.

Hobo Fran is just a sweet, loving lady looking for love.  Do you want a companion to love, a shadow behind you and love and affection?  Fran is a special lady and ready to meet new potential family members.  Hobo Fran would like to be an only cat and be the main focus of your attention (and your lap).









AdoptBrennaBrenna is the Featured Feline for September 16, 2016

Single child syndrome.

Brenna is a bit bashful and certainly lets you know that she wants it her way ... except at dinner or treat time and then her presence is known to all. She is a darling little lady who has put her past behind her, and she is ready to venture into a new life.








AdoptRipleyRipley is the Featured Feline for September 9, 2016



With the past behind him, this fine fellow is anxious to be loved, carry on conversations, and be in charge of his own human.  Come in and meet Ripley for yourself and believe it or not!

Ripley was abandoned at one of our Olympia apartment complexes and managed to get someone to offer handouts and worry about him day and night.  Unable to keep Ripley as her own, she called us to help get this handsome guy off the streets.






AdoptButchandSundanceButch and Sundance are the Featured Felines for September 2, 2016

Clever and Charming Duo!

These two brothers came to us from rural Mason County where they were running wild as babies.  It did not take any time to convince the boys that living a life on the run was not nearly as cool as the love and luxury of their foster home. Bonded and loving, Butch and Sundance are ready to turn your home into a scene from the Wild West.  Are you ready to have them join your family?

Double your pleasure, double your fun, two little kittens is better than one.






AdoptClarkKentAdopted! Clark Kent is the Featured Feline for August 26, 2016


From living in a community with no real home, Clark is anxious for his own family. He is very sweet and would love to just be a constant companion to someone who can accept his unconditional and never-ending love.

Clark is not bothered by other cats; he just does what he wants and encourages you to pet him.







AdoptGypsyJuneGypsy June is the Featured Feline for August 19, 2016


Gypsy June was previously adopted young without being spayed and has had at least two former owners. Let's make her third home her forever home.

She came to us thin and was covered in fleas and flea bites, which resulted in a skin infection.

It is onward and upward for this darling.








AdoptCelinaCelina is the Featured Feline for August 12, 2016




Celina is beautiful and will capture your heart.  Don't be fooled by this beauty; she is wise beyond her age, very intelligent, and knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.  Celina is just adorable.

Empire was adopted!
Ray and Charles adopted!






AdoptRoofieandMaryGooseRoofie and Mary Goose are the Featured Felines for August 5, 2016

Up on the rooftop without reindeer.

These fine felines spent many hours safe and sound with a view. Roofie and her friends lived where the view was great, but their lives changed when their owner's health suddenly deteriorated. These two ladies love each other and any other feline that wants to join them.










AdoptCrackerJackFaceCracker Jack is the Featured Feline for July 8, 2016

Life in a crate is over and so is the 4th of July.

Cracker Jack's feet are still stained from urine, yet this special guy is feeling good and ready to take charge of a new home where he is spoiled and loved. Cracker Jack lives up to all his name represents, an all-American snack with a prize on the inside.









Johnson is the Featured Feline for June 3, 2016


Johnson is a beautiful silver tabby rescued from a hoarder. This fancy fellow is just happy for clean living, regular meals, and toys to keep him busy. He is healed and healthy and ready to bring charm to your home.

Johnson wants to be a very active member of a family.  He doesn't want to be excluded from conversations, grooming time, watching you clean, and he definitely is never late to the dinner table.






AdoptMissMews1Miss Mews is the Featured Feline for May 6, 2016

One path ...

Abandoned after years in one life and a trip across country leaves Miss Mews anxious to get onto a new life.

This delightful lady is gorgeous, loving and ready for the next chapter and sunshine (even on a rainy day). What does your crystal ball show you? ... Miss Mews?







AdoptGracieGracie is the Featured Feline for April 8, 2016

Divine Grace.

Life is better. After living in a trailer with many other cats, Grace is happy to have her own space and clean living. The struggles of being from a multi-cat community are challenging and Grace seems to have found comfort away from it.








AdoptKaylaKayla is the Featured Feline for February 19, 2016



Fa la la - Kayla is playing with toys and not skipping any meals as she prepares for a new home. She was trapped in a tragic situation and now is grateful for the love, attention, food and the other luxuries that life has brought to her in our adoption center.  Toys are the greatest pasttime now that she understands what they are for and how to make them dance with her paws.







The Feline Friends Cat House and Adoption Center is located at 6515 Sexton Drive NW, Olympia (Hwy 101 and Steamboat Island Road), 360-866-0599.


Visit their website - www.feline-friends.net


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