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I was born in Temple, Texas but grew up all over the world as a military dependent. As a musician and artist, I've had some crazy jobs. My bucket o' company-logo name tags include titles from program director and audio tech to weekend announcer. I'm a graduate of Lakes High School and Clover Park Vocational Technical School's Radio and Sports Announcer Program, and was a Communications student at P.L.U.

My courage and heart get poured into community and personal projects, and I'm involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Washington State Department of Ecology, and Washington Special Olympics.

I have a sweet wife, Shawn, whose horses & cats keep me busy. My hobbies include playing guitar, writing, fishing, and counting stars. I like old-time radio, old-time cars, and new high-tech stuff. Toys.

I love taking long walks on the beach and digging for clams, and I love going to concerts just to get the T-shirt!!