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Mixx 96.1 Freeway Heroes Harmon Shay and Chris Wojcik provide listeners with traffic reports weekday mornings and afternoons. 

TRAFFIC WOE FOES! Follow traffic problems in the South Sound with Mixx 96.1 Freeway Hero traffic on air at 96.1 FM and on Twitter (what's happening now) and Facebook (what's planned)!


Click for Puget Sound traffic maps or those nifty Tacoma & Olympia-area web cams (video cameras near high-traffic areas). If your commute takes you outside of the South Sound area click for statewide weather conditions, including mountain pass info. Click here for countywide road conditions.

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For South Sound & Lewis County traffic reports, listen to the Freeway Hero mornings and afternoons on Mixx 96.1.


South Sound Traffic Information & Cameras

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Mixx96.1 FreewayHero Twitter Feed

fwyhero RT @wsdot_tacoma: Good: NB I-5 cleared near 38th. Still rough: Backup reaches SR 512. http://t.co/p7pMNtyASW
fwyhero RT @wsdot_tacoma: Tough evening drive. At least SB I-5 near Berkeley St. is now clear. http://t.co/MxAqjNdSsT
fwyhero RT @wsdot_tacoma: Collision on I-5 NB near 38th St at mp 132. The three right lanes are blocked.
fwyhero RT @wsdot_tacoma: Disabled vehicle on I-5 SB near Marvin Rd at mp 111. The left lane is blocked.
fwyhero RT @wsdot_tacoma: Cleared: Disabled vehicle on I-5 NB near 38th St at mp 132
fwyhero RT @wsdot_tacoma: Disabled vehicle on I-5 NB near 38th St at mp 132. The right lane from 38th Street to I-5 northbound is partially blocked.
fwyhero RT @wsdot_tacoma: Cleared: Disabled vehicle on I-5 SB near Pierce / Thurston Co. Line at mp 116